Helping Friends & Family Downsize

Those fortunate to live near parents, friends or family members are often faced with a dilemma. That question is ‘At what point should I help Mom, Dad or Uncle Joe move into housing that’s more appropriate?’ The process of this often tricky situation can look quite different from person to person, depending on those involved. Do you have a close friend or loved one who needs to consider a change in lifestyle or address? Find out more…in this edition of the Oregon Real Estate Podcast!

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While Charming, A Tiny House Isn’t For Everyone

For most, downsizing typically means moving to a smaller residence and the conversation often initially arises after an illness. At other times, it can start with the increasing burdens of home upkeep. Whether your loved one is just out of the hospital, or overwhelmed by a house that was ideal decades earlier, the best time to start is before the problem reaches a critical stage.


Timing Makes A Difference When Downsizing

It’s helpful to realize that for each individual, the timing and best solution is unique. For example, while the new lifestyle for some seniors might be a senior community or related 55+ neighborhood, other choices include moving in with family, friends, or a care facility. Each option can vary tremendously in cost and services provided. Some continuing care communities offer a menu that includes independent housing, assisted living and also skilled nursing care, too. 


Downsizing Can Have An Emotional Component

‘Gonna Take A Sentimental Journey…’
Like the song ‘Sentimental Journey,’ adding to the downsizing equation is that some people are more sentimental than others. This means letting go of a longtime residence, or comfortable daily routine can take time to adapt, regardless of suitability. Cushioning the discomfort of changes can sometimes be helped by focusing on what is gained, not lost. Perhaps the new residence will have more sunlight, exercise options, or closer proximity to church, shopping and entertainment.


One Level Homes Are Popular With Downsizers

The One Level Solution
A majority of those who downsize opt for a single level home. This makes it easier to move around the house and reduces the chance of falls. Another advantage of single level homes is that they tend to be a relatively common floorplan.  


Organization Makes Downsizing Easier

Downsizing Checklist
When it’s time to determine if downsizing is appropriate, here are 10 considerations to help start the process.

  1. Start the conversation early. 
  2. Don’t expect decisions to be made overnight.
  3. Keep family members updated and invite their input.
  4. Consult professionals: Doctor, Attorney, Pastor, Realtor.
  5. Review different living options. Research.
  6. Be realistic. Understand that change isn’t easy and involves a process. 
  7. Expect bumps in the road. Keep the main goal in mind.
  8. De-clutter: Keep, gift, donate, sell or throw away.
  9. Use a tagging system to stay organized.
  10. Stay positive-focus on the benefits. Embrace new opportunities.
Oregon Real Estate

Realtor Roy Widing

Whether you’re considering selling, or have downsizing questions, contact Realtor Roy Widing with Certified Realty for a free consultation using the form below.

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